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24 Hours of Travel

Exactly 24 hours ago I left my apartment and headed to the airport.  And where am I now, at this exact moment?  You may have guessed it—sitting on a plane!  There’s one more hour to go until touchdown in Hanoi, and maybe an hour past that to find our luggage and hotel.  I’m awfully tired but am going to fend off sleep by thrusting myself into walking around the city.

More Riders!

I met up with some of the other riders on the tour in Taipei.  I recognized Nathan Hoover, who was traveling with three others (Andy, Irene, and Corbin).  Turns out Corbin was a developer on the iPhone and the iPhone SDK.  In it seems that unicyclists are definitely a different breed of people.  I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know them a little better over the coming weeks.

Overnight Trip

Apparently some of the group is going on an overnight trip to a nearby bay, and Corbin was in the process of emailing the tour organizer about joining up (with his iPhone, of course).  I piggybacked on that, so hopefully there’s still room for a few more people. Apparently it’s a gorgeous area.  Sounds like we’ll be sleeping on the boat!


I haven’t been snapping many photos yet.  There isn’t much of interest, at least to my untrained photographic eye—just a ton of people in crowded, dirty airline terminals.  I’ll leave the exact imagery as an exercise to the reader.

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