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Day 2 Complete!

Today started with a 10 km (6.2 mile) climb.  It was fairly shallow, at least as far as mountain passes go.  I rode the whole thing in one slow, methodical go, without any dismounts.

All told today was around 65 or 70 km.  I forgot to fully charge my GPS, though, so it died shortly after the hill.  You can see the stats for today here, and yesterday’s full route here.  The heart rate data is false–I wasn’t wearing it, but it got so humid it started sending a signal anyway.

I only took a few photos today.  Mostly it was because the riding was a little harder–not physically, it’s the saddle soreness that kills everyone–and the sights were pretty much the same as from before.

Tomorrow is a free day in Hoi An, so I’ll do a longer update after that (I’m posting these from a tiny laptop on free wireless, by the way).

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  1. No dismounts is pretty impressive, but saddle sore…..ouch. How much are people on unis staying together on the trip? the free day sounds lovely. Is that a village (Hoi An) or a city? I’ll do an on line search.

    Love you
    Enjoy 🙂 and hope you don’t get actual blisters

  2. It’s a fairly small city, although it’s pretty touristy. The town is known for its tailors–there are multiple streets just lined with them. You can get any piece of clothing copied, or even just bring in a photo from a magazine and get it made.

    I might do a suit, although we were warned that with just one day here the build quality would be faster/crappier.


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