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First Big Ride this Season!

I went out for my first real training ride today. I’ve been meaning to get started for awhile now, but something else was always taking priority. It seemed like my riding was always “tomorrow” and never today. There’s a longer rant here, but I decided that if something was going to happen it was going to happen right now.

So I left my desk at 1:30, went home, changed, and unicycled 14 miles on the 36″. It felt great!

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Total Time (h:m:s)
1:29:01 6:09 pace

Moving Time (h:m:s)
1:24:42 6:02 pace

Distance (mi)

Moving Speed (mph)
9.9 avg. / 14.1 max.

Avg. Heart Rate
148 bpm Zone 4.0

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