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Holy Crap, a Blog!

PaperSo I’ve finally buckled and launched some sort of personal blog. In general I’d like to put out more one-to-many communications. We’ll also be launching a site soon for work that will contain a blog (mostly because you can’t tell who we are at all by looking at the current Flashbang Studios domain). I’ll be ranting a bit about business stuff there, but I thought it would be cool to talk about more general-purpose, personal, and otherwise interesting bits of information that wouldn’t be as relevant for work.

What About?

What am I going to talk about here? We’ll see how it goes–I may change things up as I see what strikes me as noteworthy–but very likely:

  • Unicycle training
  • Technology trends
  • Memes, thoughts, what I think about when I’m alone

Unicycle Stuff

I enjoy riding unicycles. Mostly I ride mountain, but I’m signed up for a 300-mile unicycle tour of Vietnam that’s happening in March. I really need to train up for that, so you’re going to see a lot of posts about my progress. There’s nothing like a little public accountability to keep motivation up!

Technology Trends

Even though I primarily do game development, I dabble in more general technology areas: web development, automation, and marketing. If I had ten times the free time I would actually do lots of things in non-game-related areas. Instead, I just think about them, so it’ll be fun to put those thoughts down in blog form to give them at least some concrete form.

Other Thoughts

And, of course, what good is a journaly blog without rants about the latest movies, games, political events, relationship insights, and Internet trends? I’m sure I’ll rant about random topics throughout the duration of the blog. I’m not sure everyone will want to know what I had for breakfast, but there’s only one way to find out!


If you enjoy reading, please comment on the posts! Discussion is great.

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