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It’s Travelin’ Time!

I’m on the plane to LA! I can’t believe it snuck up this fast. I had moments of panic throughout the trip to the airport. Weird stuff, too: Did I bring the seat/handle for my unicycle? Did I bring pants? Eventually I just had to trust that I have everything I need. After all, I did have everything laid out on my apartment floor for the last few days. Panicked on-the-way-to-the-airport Matthew is certainly not a very good judge of whether I have everything covered.

Vietnam Guidebook

So I picked up a guide book to Vietnam at Changing Hands today. It seems pretty thorough. It has a walking tour map of the Old Quarter of Hanoi that I’m going to check out in my two days prior. The restaurant lists look fascinating. Some places serve a single item on their menu (usually for $0.80 or so, too)! I decided to go for a mix of higher-end, fancy restaurants, and some genuine street-side fare. Deliciousness awaits!

No Turning Back!

Overall, it’s odd to be so completely locked into the trip. I used to plan out every excruciating detail of a trip; by the time I departed I was completely into the mode of thinking for it. With this, though—and many of my recent trips—I’ve learned where that “good enough” boundary lies, and I do just that much work. On the plus side I feel like I can up and do something like travel to Vietnam without worry. Maybe it’s a downside, or maybe it isn’t, but I also feel like the transition period is much smaller. It’s like one minute I’m in the office, coding some stuff for a Cisco project, and the next minute I’m sitting on a plane en route to being immersed in completely new experiences for the next two weeks. It’s somewhat odd!

More Soon!

About to land in LA, so time to sign off. I’m typing this all on the EEE, which is actually pretty easy to get used to. The right shift key is completely lame, but that’s about it. Should be able to type up my thoughts on a daily basis…

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