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Montecito House Photos, Life Update

Front RoomCrystal snapped some long-overdue photos of the house today. View the full Flickr photo set here! The house itself is working out really well–the cats love their new modern cat tree, we love the house, and we’re still using that grill, despite the heat. It’s already up to 105-110F, but it actually feels kind of nice. Ah, Arizona.

In other updates, work is going really well! Flashbang is up to six people full-time and an intern. Jetpack Brontosaurus is still the company’s focus, but we’re also managing two active contract jobs, supporting the recent launch of another, maintaining our affiliate website, preparing the design of our upcoming portal, and pushing paperwork to develop on two new platforms. I’m also writing a Unity tutorial, an article about Unity for a prominent software development magazine, the far-too-occasional review for Fun-Motion, and gearing up for the 11th annual IGF.

I spend my free time working my through The Wire with Crystal, actually playing video games (finished GTA IV!), and hanging out at Dan and Beth’s amazing pool. I’ve unicycled three times since Vietnam, sadly. Must get out and exercise more!

Well, time to sleep. It’s 10:35pm, perilously close to our bedtime.

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  1. Wow, very professionally kind of Scandanavian/Asian simple decor.
    Like it
    Photo of kitty tree, occupied?