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Photographic Favorites From the Year

August 11th, 2010

This last Christmas I gave myself a Pentax K-x entry-level DSLR as a Christmas present. I’m enjoying learning more about photography, and it’s been a lot of fun capturing events in my life.  Here are some of my favorites from this year (each of these photos is a link into the set, if you want more context):

Andy & Tierney’s Wedding

Due to a clerical error, I was invited to the Schatz wedding.  It was great!


The Band


Lighting Fun

I picked up some lighting gear–Elinchrom D-Lite 2s and YN-460 II speedlights–which have been a lot of fun to play around with.  Most of the resulting photos aren’t posted, but to give you an idea:

Head Shot

Crystal is Reading Your Mind



I’ve taken a handful of CrossFit-related photos. I’d love to do a full photo shoot at the gym sometime, with a portrait/lighting setup to catch people post-workout.

Awesome Double Unders!




I tried my hand at some action shots for dodgeball. Boo, florescent lighting! The last shot is from trampoline dodgeball, which is the best thing ever.

Jeff's Throw

Opening Rush



I usually take the camera and snap some random shots on trips. A sampling!


Smell the Flowers

Bowling Pose

Arizona Life

And a variety of photos from life in Arizona, including cats. No gallery is complete without cats.

Licking Chops

Sugary Sweets

Dad and Vicky

Phoenix as Ocean

Office Sunset

Dave Hard at Work


Filthy Kitty

Orange Goatee

I’ve Moved (And Another Update)!

January 14th, 2009

Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted.  A lot has happened since August:

  • Flashbang launched Blurst, which is now our company focus
  • I traveled to Prague with Crystal, followed by Copenhagen for work
    (Pictures coming soon!  They do exist somewhere.)
  • Flashbang launched three iPhone games and Minotaur China Shop, our latest web game
  • I started working out with a local Crossfit affiliate (which rocks!)
  • And Crystal and I decided to stop dating, so I moved into my own place (we were together for three years)

There were some other work-related things in there–things have been awful busy–but you get the idea.  Overall it was a pleasant fall, and I think things will shape up for the better pretty early on into 2009.  In the meantime, I snapped a video of my new place to satisfy curiosity:

This is available at a higher resolution if you watch it directly on the Vimeo site. I guess I’ll take another video when I’ve finished furnishing the place. It’s expensive to move out from a cold start!

Jumping Jasime, the Foster Kitty

August 5th, 2008

Crystal and I are currently fostering a pair of kitties in the house, along with their mother.  It’s generally a fun gig–except for the occasional biological horror, we get to have rambuctious kitties around the house.  We hold on to them until they’re a solid 3lbs, at which point they return to AZ Humane Society from whence they came.

One of the kitties, Mila, came with a nasty case of what was probably a coccidian infection.  She lost a ton of weight, but has since recovered and is doing splendidly.  You can see her in the Flickr set; she’s an odd mix of pot belly and bones right now.  The mom is actually pretty slight herself.  She has a great temperament and should have no problem being adopted after she’s back at AZHS.

The other kitty, Jasmine, really loves to jump.  She’ll randomly jump as high as she can against the wall, or over another cat, but what she really loves to do is jump for toys.  Observe:

Montecito House Photos, Life Update

June 12th, 2008

Front RoomCrystal snapped some long-overdue photos of the house today. View the full Flickr photo set here! The house itself is working out really well–the cats love their new modern cat tree, we love the house, and we’re still using that grill, despite the heat. It’s already up to 105-110F, but it actually feels kind of nice. Ah, Arizona.

In other updates, work is going really well! Flashbang is up to six people full-time and an intern. Jetpack Brontosaurus is still the company’s focus, but we’re also managing two active contract jobs, supporting the recent launch of another, maintaining our affiliate website, preparing the design of our upcoming portal, and pushing paperwork to develop on two new platforms. I’m also writing a Unity tutorial, an article about Unity for a prominent software development magazine, the far-too-occasional review for Fun-Motion, and gearing up for the 11th annual IGF.

I spend my free time working my through The Wire with Crystal, actually playing video games (finished GTA IV!), and hanging out at Dan and Beth’s amazing pool. I’ve unicycled three times since Vietnam, sadly. Must get out and exercise more!

Well, time to sleep. It’s 10:35pm, perilously close to our bedtime.