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Jumping Jasime, the Foster Kitty

Crystal and I are currently fostering a pair of kitties in the house, along with their mother.  It’s generally a fun gig–except for the occasional biological horror, we get to have rambuctious kitties around the house.  We hold on to them until they’re a solid 3lbs, at which point they return to AZ Humane Society from whence they came.

One of the kitties, Mila, came with a nasty case of what was probably a coccidian infection.  She lost a ton of weight, but has since recovered and is doing splendidly.  You can see her in the Flickr set; she’s an odd mix of pot belly and bones right now.  The mom is actually pretty slight herself.  She has a great temperament and should have no problem being adopted after she’s back at AZHS.

The other kitty, Jasmine, really loves to jump.  She’ll randomly jump as high as she can against the wall, or over another cat, but what she really loves to do is jump for toys.  Observe:

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