I’ve Moved (And Another Update)!

January 14th, 2009

Wow, it’s been awhile since I posted.  A lot has happened since August:

  • Flashbang launched Blurst, which is now our company focus
  • I traveled to Prague with Crystal, followed by Copenhagen for work
    (Pictures coming soon!  They do exist somewhere.)
  • Flashbang launched three iPhone games and Minotaur China Shop, our latest web game
  • I started working out with a local Crossfit affiliate (which rocks!)
  • And Crystal and I decided to stop dating, so I moved into my own place (we were together for three years)

There were some other work-related things in there–things have been awful busy–but you get the idea.  Overall it was a pleasant fall, and I think things will shape up for the better pretty early on into 2009.  In the meantime, I snapped a video of my new place to satisfy curiosity:

This is available at a higher resolution if you watch it directly on the Vimeo site. I guess I’ll take another video when I’ve finished furnishing the place. It’s expensive to move out from a cold start!

2 responses

  1. greg comments:

    is that a zojurishi rice cooker?! either way it looks like it’s equipped with Fuzzy Logic. you have fine taste in rice cookers.

  2. Matthew comments:

    It is! It sings me a song every time my rice is ready. I should learn to harmonize, we could totally start a band.

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